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Mashiko Museum Residency Program

In May 2014, Mashiko Town / Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art initiated the Mashiko Museum Residency Program, with the aim of cultivating exchanges between Mashiko Town and the artists from outside (both nationally and internationally). It also aspires to share Mashiko's ceramic and other craft traditions with others. This is so-called "Artist-in-Residence" and we have two kinds of program, Guest Artist Program and Open Call Program (started in 2017). The guest artists are invited by Mashiko town / Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art to stay and work here and the open call artists stay and work here after being accepted through our application process.

The Mashiko Arts and Crafts Residence is a living space for the artists. It has been built with the generous donation from Minoru Otsuka, a Mashiko-born businessman and the founder of Otsuka Corporation. The facility was completed in spring 2014, and stands in the premises of Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko. It is a one-story building constructed with the wood produced in Tochigi Prefecture and the roof is covered with the red tiles, which uses minerals from Ashinuma in Mashiko.

When the potters stay, they create their work at the Pottery Studio and can fire their works also with the wood kiln outside of the studio.

During the residency, the artists also conduct exchange events such as open studios, workshops, slide lectures, etc.

The residency information will be posted on this page. Please see also the Related-Exhibits page.
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Mashiko Arts & Crafts Residence Pottery Studio Wood Kiln

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