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Leach Pottery Apprenticeship Program 2020

In 1920, young Japanese potter Shoji Hamada went to St Ives, U.K. with the British potter Bernard Leach. They built a climbing kiln there and opened the Leach Pottery.
Mashiko town sends two young Mashiko potters to the Leach Pottery in 2020, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Leach Pottery and aiming to raise young Mashiko potters.

We inform you that we have selected two potters to send to the Leach Pottery.
Their names are Tomo Enokida and Muneaki Iwashita.
During the apprenticeship, they will report their days on their own SNS accounts.
Period of apprenticeship: planned from 15th May to 10th August 2020.

Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we postpone sending Mashiko potters to the Leach Pottery. Rescheduled dates will be announced after arrangement.

Tomo Enokida
(Enokida Pottery)

Muneaki Iwashita
(Iwashita Pottery)

*We have finished the “Explanatory Meeting & Talk” and accepting the applications for the "Leach Pottery Apprenticeship Program 2020".