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About this Website

Please read the conditions of use written below when using Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art/Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko website.

Operation and Management

The Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art/Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) is operated and managed by the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art/Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko (hereinafter referred to as “the Museum”). The Museum reserves full authority and liability regarding the operation and management of this website.


It is unlawful to copy images used in this website without prior consent.
The information on this website is protected by copyright laws; actions of replication, paraphrasing and reprinting are prohibited.

Restriction of Liability

The Museum will not be held accountable for the actions users take with the information on this website. The Museum will not accept liability for any inconvenience or disadvantage caused by this website. Please use at your own responsibility.

About Link

As a general rule, links to this website are permitted. However, we decline linking to the following third-party websites:

  • Those that defame and tarnish trust for the Museum or its related programs.
  • Those that include materials that offend public order and morals.
  • Those that are related to or have the possibilities of relating to illegal publications or activities.
  • Those with frames or other settings that obscure the origin of contents.

The administrator of this website reserves the right to delete content, if or when it is deemed inappropriate.

  • This website is not and shall not take responsibility for third-party websites with links set up, or sites that this website has been linked or their content.
  • In the case of publishing in magazines, advertisements or other printed materials, or reprinting on storage media such as a CD-ROM, please contact the administrator for permission in advance.


Contents and URL may be changed or discontinued without warning. For any reason whatsoever, this website is not and shall not be held accountable for damages resulting from information changing, interruptions or discontinuation of this website.

Recommended Browsers

This website can be viewed not only via computers, but also via tablets and smartphones. In order to use this website more safely and comfortably, please use one of the browsers listed below:

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*Newest version of the browser is recommended unless otherwise stated.

The website is currently being developed to be made available on other browsers, but the display may appear differently on some of them.


Parts of this website are written in JavaScript for usability. If JavaScript is turned off in your browser setting, the display may not appear or operate correctly.


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